Know why Amit Sadh went to Jodhpur!

Amit Sadh (Pic courtesy: Instagram)

Amit Sadh is probably one of the few Bollywood actors who believes in going beyond his limits for a role and entertain the audience with his fine performance. The versatile actor who has taken up some of the most difficult roles and has showcased it with great ease in the past. The actor is now all set to enthrall his fans with his much talked about upcoming digital-series 'India Strikes Back’, which is based on Uri Attacks.


Presented by Applause Entertainment, ‘India Strikes Back’ portrays Amit Sadh in the role of an army officer and he is leaving no stone unturned to live up to the expectations of everyone to do justice to it. The actor recently went to Jodhpur to get trained by the special forces there as a part for his role preparation. One hears that Amit strongly believes in getting into the skin of every character he plays and met the special forces to get trained in weapon management, handling explosives, fighting with weapons and more. Apart from this, he spent quality time with soldiers in order to comprehend how they function, how they think, their emotional bandwidth and how they make their mind stronger than steel in order to combat their surroundings.