Adah Sharma: I would love to be a part of an extraordinary film like BAHUBALI

Adah Sharma: I would love to be a part of an extraordinary film like BAHUBALI news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 11 Sep 2015 17:10:58.4570000 IST
After starring in few popular Hindi films like (1920, PHHIR, HASEE TOH PHASEE), the pretty actress turned towards south film industry, especially Telugu cinema. While in Bollywood Adah did garner acclaims and applauds for her superlative performance, it’s her first Telugu film HEARTATTACK, helmed by Puri Jagannath, that won Adah her debut award. Recently, we caught up with the doe-eyed beauty Adah Sharma in a very brief chat. Here are the excerpts: 

Congratulations for winning your debut award. What are your feelings right now?
Thank you! It's nice and encouraging. But the best award is when the movie does well and when people come up to you telling that they loved your work.

Did you expect to win any Award, since it was your first stint in south?
No, I didn't really think of all that. But when we were shooting the movie and the songs and some of the scenes in the second half, I felt like people would really connect with our characters and love the film.

South film industry is really booming, do you think you are at right place at the right time?
I hope so !! I’ve been fortunate to begin with a Puri Jagannath film which is a big brand. Also with HEARTATTACK, I got the opportunity to perform.

Do you think Tollywood is way better than Bollywood when it comes to acknowledging and valuing the talent?
I’m not a very cynical person. So I would like to believe that both the industries value talent. I believe it might take time but if you are good at what you do and sure about yourself no one can stop you.

Do you prospect that south film industry will take over Bollywood some time in future (with the way Bollywood seems to be inspired by its content)?
No I don't think any industry will take over. But I do feel that they will merge completely. It has already begun with films being remade and people working in both industries.

Are you focused towards south right now and taken a backseat in Bollywood?
Whatever I'm doing currently takes a front seat - be it an Ad commercial, a photoshoot, watching a movie or doing a movie. My main focus is being happy.

What's the status on Bollywood projects?
I will begin one film by the end of this year. A little superstitious, so once it begins only then I can speak about it.

Do you wish to do films like BAHUBALI and even want to be part of it?
Of course! Who wouldn't want to be a part of such an extraordinary film! I was such a huge fan that I just did a dubsmash of it!

A number of actresses vie to be paired opposite Rajinikanth. What about you?
Rajini Sir essentially belongs to Tamil film industry. I haven’t stepped in Tamil films yet. Both Telugu and Tamil film industry are entirely different, while a lot of people have this misconception that the entire south industry is the same. Interestingly, Tamil is my mother tongue and I am waiting make debut in Tamil soon.

I have a huge wishlist of people with whom I want to work. Hopefully, that gets completed in this lifetime. However, I did an ad film opposite Rajini Sir’s son-in-law Dhanush and he is such an amazing actor. I hope to do a film with him someday.