Adah Sharma's Dabangg COMMANDO act has the audience in ruptures!

Adah Sharma's Dabangg COMMANDO act has the audience in ruptures! news
S Abid By S Abid | 03 Mar 2017 15:24:13.4600000 IST

The petite and pretty Telugu girl next door, Adah Sharma, may have ventured down south for a while, acting in about half-a-dozen top films, but her return to Mumbai, could not have been more impactful.


Yes, we are indeed talking about her latest, COMMANDO 2, where her entry scene brings the house down, literally.

In fact, those who have already seen the film, say that after watching her an apt title would be ‘Lady Dabangg’!

With glasses breaking and her perfect Hyderabadi accent, laced with wit and humour, is surely reminiscent of Salman’s DABANGG act. What is interesting is that she is not a tough cop at all!

When we caught up with the polite and humble Adah, she sounded visibly happy saying, ”Yeah I am getting a lot of praise for my role in COMMANDO 2 and also hearing about the impact that my entry scene has. You know we trained for the action for a month, before we started filming, to get it right and also worked a lot on the Hyderabadi accent. Very happy that the effort seems to have paid off!”

Talking about her co-star, Adah reveals, ”It was great to act with Vidyut and I am glad that I worked with India’s best action star.”

Well, we too are hearing the same about Adah’s super act in COMMANDO 2 and quite sure that the same would translate into another success for team COMMANDO as well as the actress!