ADHAR will be very interesting: Vineet Kumar Singh

Vineet Kumar Singh (Pic. Courtesy: IANS)

MUKKABAAZ actor Vineet Kumar Singh says his upcoming film ADHAR will present an interesting take on the Aadhar card. Backed by National Award-winning filmmaker Manish Mundra, the film is being directed by Suman Ghosh, who also won a National Film Award for his Bengali film PODOKKHEP.

As the title suggests, ADHAR is related to the Aadhar card. But Vineet says he cannot share any other information about it.

"Manish Mundra's films have got critical acclaim and won National Award honour in the past. I wanted to work with him for long. ADHAR has an interesting script, but I can't share much about it," Vineet told IANS in a recorded response. "It is connected to Aadhar card, but I can't reveal how and why it is connected."

Vineet credits his sports film MUKKABAAZ, which was aired on &pictures earlier this month, for changing his career.

MUKKABAAZ deals with the struggle of a boxer and with social issues like caste system, youth politics and the power play of people.

“MUKKABAAZ gave me freedom to play different roles. People started trusting me with different roles. People used to ask my parents what I was doing in Mumbai. But after the film, they aren't questioned about it," added the actor, who has featured in films like DAAS DEV, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and UGLY.