Adnan Sami sings for Bhappi Lahiri in JHOOM

Adnan Sami Bhappi LahiriA song was recorded for Aaishwarya Movie Production's maiden venture JHOOM - Dance With Me Again, the song ?O Jaana O Jaana Ye Dil Ka Afsana? is rendered by Adnan Sami, under the baton of Music Director Bhappi Lahiri.

A family unites as a team of producer, writer and director for the film JHOOM - Dance With Me Again. The film is Produced By Aaishwarya Babbar (Brother), Directed By Shweta B Subhash (Sister) and written By Malveika B Subhash (Sister). The brother and sister trio team are the children of ace Producer and Director B Subhash.

JHOOM is said to connect to the masses as well. It highlights the very small element that mostly goes unrecognized by a common man ? his dreams. Every person has a dream & wants it fulfilled in some part of life, but the tides of life dishearten & dishevel most men to reach their target. There are only a few who dive into the vast ocean of life to get the pearl

Music is the only sanity left in the insane world ?
Tough times never last, tough people do ?
No gut, no glory?
One won't win until one begins ?

The film stars Aziz, Onjeli Nair, Bobby Sainiyol, Tashu Kaushik and Sofea, produced by Aaishwaryaa Babbar, directed by Shweta B Subhash, written by Malvieka ? Shweta B Subhash, music composed by Bhappi Lahiri, lyrics penned by Dr. Deepak Sneh, choreography by Jai Burade & Ruel Varindani.

The film is 60% done and shall be complete by this summer.