Advait Chandan spills the beans on the RANGEELA Aamir Khan in SECRET SUPERSTAR

Advait Chandan spills the beans on the RANGEELA Aamir Khan in SECRET SUPERSTAR news
img By Vishal Verma | 06 Oct 2017 15:16:33.6530000 IST

Fanboy turned manager turned director Advait Chandan is eagerly awaiting his dream SECRET SUPERSTAR turn into a reality this Diwali. The proud admirer of Aamir Khan’s professionalism and perfectionist attitude has surprisingly avoided the charm of his guru, mentor to take over the script of SECRET SUPERSTAR. While Zaira Wasim is the essential salt required in the dish, Aamir in his RANGEELA (colourful) avatar is the much needed tadka, Let’s hear what Advait has to say about the ‘RANGEELA’ Aamir Khan – the Shakti Kumar of SECRET SUPERSTAR.

Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumar is the much needed tadka in SECRET SUPERSTAR, when asked how he managed to avoid the charm of his mentor Aamir taking over the lead character of Insiya played by DANGAL fame Zaira Wasim, Advait said, “I followed what is right for the story and didn’t thought of impressing Aamir Khan, Aamir sir’s character has a mischievous color to it, that’s flirty, flamboyance is the key to Insiya’s journey and I tried to convince Aamir sir with the story and not the character. Nobody is above the story and Aamir sir will never place himself above the film.”

Having said that, interestingly Advait maintains that SECRET SUPERSTAR is an Aamir Khan’s film in spite of the superstar not playing the lead but making an appearance with an extended cameo. Advait says, “Like any movie starring Aamir Khan, this movie also tells a good story that connects with the audience in the mainstream format, a story close to people’s life, dream and aspirations, Aamir sir’s commitment is 100 percent in whatever he takes on hand and here he has delivered something with a different colour. You will see Aamir Khan with a different colour in SECRET SUPERSTAR and I am not talking about the shades of his hair, it’s the overall aura, the flamboyance the tricky mischief that winks at something enjoyably cody and different.“

Recollecting the moment when he showed the first cut to Aamir, Advait says, “I remember the day he was watching the first cut. He was sitting in the front row with Kiran, I was sitting behind and I kept standing up to watch his reaction. And after watching, he gave me a hug. It was really one of my most precious moments.

Finally Advait concludes by saying that SECRET SUPERSTAR is a reflection of what he is in real life, when people will watch the movie on screen I will be exposed as it will reflect my mentality and the emotional key in me. Aamir sir has made the character of Shakti alive and it’s that colourful twist that makes it interesting, he is not that ‘dhoodh ka dhula’ (the holy, saint) personality.”

It does reminds us of the memorable ‘Munna’ from RANGEELA, the flamboyant lovable tapori, is Shakti Kumar in SECRET SUPERSTAR is its new age version? And by the way Advait Chandan earlier in conversation with us has said that he has grown up watching Aamir in RANGEELA, ANDAAZ APNA APNA …hmm that’s why we call life is a circle.. Well for the RANGEELA ANDAAZ of Aamir you will have to wait till October 19.