After a fascinating OCTOBER trailer, here comes a heart-touching theme song!

It’s a usual trend that we have been witnessing that after the launch of the first trailer makers head to launch their songs in a single format subsequently. So after unveiling upcoming film OCTOBER trailer it was quite expected that the makers would come with the first song and of course we were also waiting with bated breath. However, OCTOBER makers instead released a theme song on public demand after receiving huge response for the trailer.

It is said that many of the fans reached out to the makers and especially Varun Dhawan, who plays the lead character Dan in the film, appreciating the background score and asking for the end melody to be released. And today the theme song was unleashed.

The theme song of OCTOBER is soothing, poignant and depicts the essence of the film which is a story about love and not a love story. It takes through all the ups and downs that goes on in the lives of lead pair Dan and Shiuli, played by Varun Dhawan and newbie Banita Sandhu respectively..

Varun and Banita play hotel management trainees at a plush five star hotel. The girl whom he follows into the ICU of a hospital barely acknowledges him at their workplace. Yet he clings to the idea of love.

OCTOBER seems to be a beautiful story of love wrapped in subtle, sweet, and heart-touching emotions. With that we can’t wait for the movie that releases on 13 April, 2018.

The theme song is a behind the scenes video, which appears like making of OCTOBER. The BTS theme song video features Shantanu Moira, Shoojit Sircar and George working on the tune of the song by playing various instruments. There are few visuals from the film as well, but the theme snatches your attention and pulls your heart-strings.

Co-produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, OCTOBER is directed by Shoojit Sircar. The film celebrates love, nature and the autumn season.