After Hema, Shabana's turn to play to Big B

As was predicted by many astrologers, numerologists and others, Big B seems to be hitting a high note in 2003-4. After being cast by many big banners, Amitabh Bachchan will be approached by none other than Mahesh Manjrekar. About the role, Manjrekar is positive that his script will be the best till date. If Amitabh accepts Manjrekar's offer, then we might see him as a god-fearing Maharashtrian, who fights for justice when his son gets involved in criminal dealings. Also, Shabana Azmi, famed for her acting in parallel cinema than commercial, will probably play Big B's wife in the film. Although, Manjrekar is sure of his script being a good one, but he is keeping his fingers crossed with both the stars.