After Madhuri now a movie on Aishwarya

Looks like there is a new trend catching up - first it was Ram Gopal Verma who made Main Madhuri Dixit... and now it is Anil Kapoor's look alike who has made a movie with a similar theme but this time it is Aishwarya Rai. "The movie was earlier titled Main Bhee Aishwarya but since it was clashing with the Antara movie, I changed the name to Ban Ke Rahoonge Aishwarya. In my movie the actress comes to Mumbai for work and not exactly act in Bollywood like the other movie," says director/producer Arif Khan to What is interesting to know is that Arif discovered a Ash look alike many years back and from that time started calling her Aishwarya! "My lead actress Manisha looks 98 per cent like the real Ash and that's not it - I have three other Ash look alike in my movie. I have not made some C grade film but a movie which is made in good taste and will be liked by all," adds Arif.