After Raveena, Saif comments on Akshay Kumar's National award debate

After Raveena, Saif comments on Akshay Kumar's National award debate news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 20 Apr 2017 17:31:55.5970000 IST

Now-a-days Awards and controversy goes hand-in-hand in Bollywood. Earlier this year when Filmfare awards were announced then everybody was ranting about the fact that how deserving people were missing from the list. In fact Akshay Kumar’s fan even instigated an initiative of banning Filmfare awards as they never give any award to the deserving actor Akshay Kumar.

Post that the 64th National Film Awards were announced and much to everyone’s surprise Akshay Kumar was conferred with the ‘Best Actor’ award for his performance in RUSTOM. This announcement might have made his fans rejoice as their long cherished dream was fulfilled, however the other section of the audience felt that though Akshay certainly deserves an award but it should not have been for RUSTOM.

This sparked off another debate in Bollywood about how National Award is losing its credibility.

So when Saif Ali Khan was asked about his opinion on this matter, he was quoted in a leading daily as, “There has been an uproar about Akshay's win at the National Awards. Someone joked if I can get National Award for HUM TUM, it’s okay for Akshay Kumar to win. A lot of people actually think I won for OMKARA, not HUM TUM. I take a little offence when people joke about my National Award win.”

Well that was quite an honest opinion we must say.

Even Raveena expressing her views was quoted saying in a leading web portal as, “I don’t think so, why should it lose its dignity, every year there is a controversy. People who don’t win create the controversy.”

Director Priyadarshan, who was one of the jury members of the National Awards, also expressed his displeasure at the rising controversy. He was quoted saying as, “I have heard of all that and I will answer it in a simple way. When Ramesh Sippy was jury head, Amitabh Bachchan won. When Prakash Jha was head of jury, Ajay Devgn won. So no one questioned at that time. So why all these questions are cropping up today?”

Well director Priyadarshan does have a point there but wasn’t he the one who said that Akshay was given the award for his performance in both RUSTOM and AIRLIFT. But since when does an actor has started receiving a National Award for two films at a same time?

These controversies never seem to cease.