‘Happy’ Diana wants to get into action mode!

Diana Penty who started her career with COCKTAIL wherein she played the role of a shy and girl, who doesn’t talk much post which she was seen donning different role in LUCKNOW CENTRAL, PARMANU: THE STORY OF POKHRAN, HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI, HAPPY PHIRR BHAG JAYEGI. Being very different from her recently portrayed role Happy in Mudassar Aziz’s HAPPY PHIRR BHAAG JAYEGI.

Diana opens up about her choice of films and her journey in Bollywood and also unveiled how her name Diana was given to her and more.
Diana’s HAPPY PHIRR BHAAG JAYEGI is garnering good response for her film, when asked Diana how similar and different she is from Happy in real life to which she said, “ I am nowhere like Happy in real life, I am more like the role I played in COCKTAIL. Happy is way different than Diana. Infact it was really nice essaying this role as I could explore so much as an actor.”

As in her first film she portrayed the role of a next door girl when asked Diana was she stereotyped post that and what kind of offers came her way she said, “ I got similar kinds of roles after my first film but I wanted to explore more and did films which did had more roles to explore and then came LUCKNOW CENTRAL and HAPPY BHAAG JAYEGI, after playing Happy I enjoyed the role and it was amazing to explore this side.”

As her name is Diana when asked her how did she get this name to which she added, “My mother was a huge fan of Princess Diana, therefore she named me by her name and I too like my name, as its on the name of Diana and its not a common name.”

What kind roles are you looking like in future, “ I would love to do an action film.” says Diana.

Here’s wishing Diana all the very best for her future endeavors!