Aiming for the uppercut: R.Madhavan on turning producer, his new future and SAALA KHADOOS not inspired from CHAK DE

Aiming for the uppercut: R.Madhavan on turning producer, his new future and SAALA KHADOOS not inspired from CHAK DE news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 28 Jan 2016 09:48:33.1000000 IST

Having a success rate of seventy percent as an actor, R. Madhavan – the rare Indian talent to achieve the pan India appeal, is aiming for an uppercut in his career. Though Bollywood has not recognized his true potential, the unperturbed Madhavan is in Mumbai for the last one month promoting his ambition SAALA KHADOOS – a sports flick based on women boxing. The bilingual helmed by Sudha in Hindi and Tamil (IRUDHI SUTTRU) co –starring Ritika Singh is ready to face the audience this Friday.


Popularly known as Maddy, Madhavan's second innings as a producer seems to be more lucky, backing of the prolific Rajkumar Hirani as the co –producer which helped in UTV becoming the distributor, Madhavan’s debut as a producer is on the right track.

The actor has transformed substantially in his looks - from a shy, sweet and charming man, Madhavan has undergone intensive training and worked on his physics to get the beefy, rugged macho look. Those who have watched Madhavan in south are aware of his capability to turn tough on screen for example AAYTHA EZHUTHU.

But in SAALA KHADOOS, the actor has gone further. Madhavan's Bollywood innings has mostly been cinema with good quality content like RANG DE BASANTI, 3 IDIOTS, TANU WEDS MANU series.

With only two days to go, Madhavan is overwhelmed by the response received so far from the film fraternity. Anyhow the public in general are experiencing a déjà vu feeling of SRK’s CHAK DE in SAALA KHADOOS. Madhavan feels differently and says, “ The trailer gives the feeling but it’s not a spin-off of CHAK DE. Any sports flick will have a couch, a player and ultimately they will come triumph. That’s the basic formulae of this genre but SAALA KHADOOS is different, it’s about relationship and a journey of a coach with the sportsperson and not the sports, it has more human angle to it. Probably this is the reason why Rajkumar Hirani agreed to be part of it”.

The bilingual is directed by first time director Sudha Kongara and the Tamil version comes with some changes to appeal to the nativity of the region says Madhavan who went through series of rejections and suggestions regarding SAALA KHADOOS which came to Hirani before any news of Priyanka Chopra’s MARY KOM.

Madhavan says, “Before Rajkumar Hirani, the project excited some makers but they insisted on getting a known female artiste for the role played by Ritika, which Sudha and I didn't agree”.

Finally the story is waiting to be told and Madhavan who has always followed his heart is in a way jobless.. he has already said no to the distributors of SAALA KHADOOS – UTV who had planned the Hindi remake of his 2012 Tamil hit VETTAI.

On being asked the reason Madhavan said, “ I believe the subject won't work in Hindi”. Well that already sounds like words coming from a SAALA KHADOOS producer. The actor seems to be enjoying the punch in the producers glove already, hitting the actor within to excel.