Aishwarya's international agents clarify

William Morris, Aishwarya Rai's international agent has decided to break his silence on the issue of Ash ditching Aamir, at the last moment. He issued a press release, which stated that when Ash heard the script in November 2002, she wanted to make a few changes and a final copy of the script. Until May 2003, neither the script arrived, nor any information about the same. Instead, a deposit was offered to fix Ash's dates. According to Morris, until four weeks ago, Bobby Bedi, the producer, did not respond to any of Morris' calls or emails. He suddenly appeared when Prince Charles was to make the mahurat clap of the film. Since Ash was not sure of the script or the final deal and since she was busy with Bride and Prejudice, she decided against attending the mahurat of The Rising.He further adds, that lately the film had acquired international significance, and since Ash's image has an international appeal, they decided to double her price. Since Bedi said that he had no resources to pay her upfront money, Morris suggested that they would accept fees on the backend from UK and USA territories and that she would work on a flat fee, which was not acceptable to Bedi. He said that only Aamir was entitled to receive backend, which Morris found highly unfair. Hence the final outcome!