Ajay Devgn: I was told that I look too ordinary to become a hero

Ajay Devgn is indeed a versatile actor and has entertained us since years now. Be it action or comedy or the recent one RAID, this tall, dark and handsome actor has also romanced many actresses on screen.

He wasn’t one of those actors who has deep mushy eyes, or a killer dialogue instinct still with his acting prowess he won hearts of millions as well as Kajol.

Currently Ajay is basking in the success of RAID, which has done very well at the box office.

Well, as the makers of Rani Mukerji’s HICHKI are promoting the film in an unique style by asking prominent personalities to share their untold weaknesses and how they eventually converted them into massive strengths. After, SRK, Katrina, Anil Kapoor, it’s now Ajay Devgn’s turn to confess his biggest hichki to Rani.

Ajay says, “When I had started out in the industry, there was this huge buzz that he is a very ordinary looking guy and he won’t make it. He won’t become a hero. I used to hear all of that, and it felt like a Hichki. But finally I didn’t listen to any of that and went ahead (with my acting).”

Having kicked his Hichki out of his life and gone on to amass massive success, Ajay encourages each and everyone to just ignore their Hichkis and focus on their goals.

HICHKI is set to hit the theaters on March 23.