Ajay Devgn: Filmmakers here make stupid films for kids

Ajay Devgn has carved a niche for himself with films like SINGHAM, RAID and many more. He has garnered fan base in every genre and it’s well known to all how well versed his company is with special effects. The third in the franchise of TOTAL DHAMAAL is set to release this Friday and we can’t wait to see the comedy drama unfolding this week.

In conversation with Ajay Devgn as he spills the beans about his films, his take on remixed songs and the films that are close to his heart.

Excerpts from the interview

You and Indra Kumar have collaborated after so many years, has the professional chemistry changed?
No, not even a bit it’s the same. He is a very nice human being. I am really happy for him and to be honest he is a very simple man. In fact, we had to teach him to say ‘no’ to people (laugh).

You are working with Madhuri Dixit after such a long time, how was the reunion on sets over the years?
Yes, I am working with her after a long time but she isn’t opposite me. It was indeed fun to shoot with her and everybody in the film. We had a great rapport with each other and we were very comfortable. Anil ji being such a senior actor, we had loads of fun together. Not only while shooting, even when the script was narrated to me, I laughed so much when I told Indra Kumar that if you make the film in same manner you have narrated its script to me then, I will do this film.

You have been part of so many genres, is comedy challenging for you?
To an extent comedy is challenging, it needs a lot of energy and timing. You have to find the right balance. Over the top doesn’t mean you do anything otherwise it will be irritating to watch. You have to see other actors around as well when you enact a scene. 

TOTAL DHAMAAL is an adventure comedy with special effects and your company is master of it, was it difficult to work on a comedy film?
Special effects are something that was practically started by me in this country. I have always been very technically comfortable with the cameras and visuals. That’s how the company started. I am glad we have made a mark in special effects my company has won several awards for the same.

Do you think stars create a sense of brand power for the audience to watch the film?
It depends from script to script, you take actors or the so-called stars so that the audience would become aware of the film and watch it, as long as the film is good.

Do box office numbers bother you?
See, to be honest, there are no insecurities. I am little anxious because I have worked so hard and put in one year of my life in it. That makes you want people to like it and also for the movie to do well. It has all our hard work in it. 

Out of so many genres which genre are you comfortable with?
I do all kind of genres and I like to rotate them. I don’t repeat myself. If I do one serious film I will make sure I do another film, which isn’t of the same genre. After RAID I am doing this… it’s not that I’m doing the same genre one after another.

Your cameo in SIMMBA was whistle worthy. Did you think about the response?
We never thought that the response would be like this. I was very happy and thrilled to see that response. This is what we all work for. 

Is any work on SOORYAVANSHI going on currently?
Yes but we are contemplating what to do first, SOORYAVANSHI or GOLMAAL. Work on both the scripts is going on.

Is TOTAL DHAMAAL catering to kids also?
Yes it is. When I watch kid’s Hollywood films or an animation or comedy films, I get hooked to it. But when people here make films for kids, they make stupid films, they think our kids are very stupid, elders can’t watch. Today’s kids are very smart, they know more than us. So that is where we lack. So when we make these films, we need to make it by targeting everybody. 

Now films with big stars are not working and small budget films are working much better. What do you have to say about that?
I think the good films work and the bad ones don’t. Films made on smaller budget are really being appreciated even if other bigger films are having huge openings. 

What are your thoughts about the remixes happening today?
Remixes are happening everywhere. Personally, I am not very happy with it, being from the older generation. The new generation’s thinking is very different, the emotions are the same but the thought process of emoting has completely changed. So I don’t know if we are stuck and if or not, we need to adapt to this. And you see what kind of songs are working today. The shelf life of everything has changed because you have so much of diversion. What used to happen in 6 months is now happening in 6 hours. In fact my 7 years old son Yug is so good at rapping and memorizing songs that I am aghast.

Kajol is also playing a role in your next film, TANAJI. Was it difficult to convince her to get on board?
No, she heard the role and she loved it. Although she has a short role in it.

Are you excited to work with Saif Ali Khan?
I am really excited because we both get along very well. We have shot 60% of the film but we have not shot together as of yet. We will be starting that soon. 

Can you pick 3 films of yours, which are close to your heart?
I can’t pick, you work hard on every film. But 2 films, which personally affected me were ZAKHM and THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH.

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