Ajay Devgn’s lucky connection revealed

Ajay Devgn’s RAID was a massive hit right before the release of Rani’s film HICHKI. It was RAID which won accolades, post which it was Tiger’s BAAGHI 2 which was appreciated.

Although HICHKI was a niche film but everyone enjoyed the film whole-heartedly.

During the success press conference for the film when asked her if she was apprehensive as to how her film HICHKI would fare at the box office, considering Ajay’s RAID was doing well and then Tiger’s BAAGHI 2 came back-to-back after HICHKI, which again received good response, Rani said, “No, as an actor I am aware of my work and also I had conviction in my film. I am nervous when there is release and it’s natural. However, with RAID coming before HICHKI, this isn’t the first time Ajay’s film has come a week ago I remember during MARDAANI it was SINGHAM that released a week ago and both the films did well again. This time RAID and HICHKI did well, I think me and Ajay are lucky for each other, I will tell Ajay that we should release our film a week after another.”

Ajay also promoted Rani’s HICHKI, We wonder what Kajol has to say about this.

Rani Mukherji
Rani Mukherji