Ajay Devgn's this co-star wants to work with Kajol


Actor Amit Bimrot, who made his Bollywood debut with Ajay Devgn-starrer RAID, now wants to work with the actor-filmmaker's wife and actress Kajol.

"I'm a hardcore Bollywood lover. Acting in films is my passion. After working hard and struggling for the past nine years, I finally got my dream debut in Ajay Sir's movie. I'm receiving great reviews and feedback for my role," Amit said in a statement.

"I finally feel that I'm successful now. People are calling me for work now. But I want to work with Kajol who has been my favourite actress. I adore her and wish to work with her in my next project. I would also love to star with Ajay again," he added.

In RAID, which released last month, Amit played a "newly recruited income tax inspector of the 1980s who is working with a senior officer (Ajay)"