Akangsha Rawat: Love between parent and child is the only relation that can be compared to Radhakrishn

Akangsha Rawat, the cute and bubbly actor is now seen in Star Bharat’s show Radha Krishn as she is seen playing the role of Radha’s mother.

She bagged the role in the show after her mother passed away, Akangsha has gone through a lot in her life be it losing her mother to a bad marriage, she has now dwelled into work completely.

Speaking about how she bagged the role Akangsha Rawat says, “I was offered this role when my mom was alive and she was battling cancer, I wanted to be by her side, however my mom knew how important this show is for me. And when my mom left abode I took this show up as I wanted to get out of sadness.”

Talking further about the show she said, “The best part of playing a mytho character’s mom is that you are made to look young and beautiful. Not much is known about Radha’s life and her parents; i.e. the part where baby Radha refuses to open her eyes until she sees Krishna. The story has since moved to when both Radha (Shivya Pathania) and Krishna (Himanshu Soni) are in their teens. For our show, unlike normal mythos, does not have many characters. Rather, the story revolves around Radha, her folks and Krishna. Also, the plot lines are about much more everyday issues.”

When asked about her personal life, as she has gone through a lot, if she wants to move ahead she said, “ RadhaKrishn is a pure unadulterated love and unlike today’s physical, selfish and conditional romance. Although Radha was married to someone else, yet her love for Krishna was pure, as it was not carnal but devotional. Such love cannot exist today between a man and woman, given our conditioning. Love between a parent and child is the only relationship today that might compare to the Radhakrishn equation, given its selfless nature. It’s hard to find love like this in this era, and I am not looking for anyone right now, it’s the work that I am focusing on.”
Talking about bonding with her co-stars she said, “ I am very protective about the girl who essays the role of Radha, she is very sweet. Everyone on the set is cordial and we enjoy our work, no one abuses, no one has airs and we are glad the show is churning out good TRP.”

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