Akanksha Puri: Madhur Bhandarkar is super religious!

Akanksha Puri: Madhur Bhandarkar is super religious! news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 03 Sep 2015 19:00:17.9930000 IST
Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is well-known for making realistic and glamourous cinema. But do you know that he is a ‘super religious’ person in real life. Well this revelation came from the newbie Akanksha Puri, who is set to make her debut with Madhur’s CALENDAR GIRLS. In fact, when Madhur and Akanksha first met, the duo hit off with the fact that they share a common birthdate; both are highly religious and visit ‘Mahakaal’, the biggest temple in Ujjain, often.


“Yes Madhur and I share same birthdate (26th August). We even celebrated it together. That was our first common topic of discussion apart from ‘Mahakaal’ temple in Ujjain, which is located in my hometown,” Akanksha shares it with delight.
Akanksha also adds that how she was left amazed after knowing about Madhur’s religious side, “Even I am surprised to discover that. Despite being part of the glamour industry, Madhur is super religious and I have never seen anyone like that. Of course there are a lot of people in the industry who must be religious, but personally Madhur is the one whom I know. Every Tuesday, he’ll go to Siddhivinayak and he also visits ‘Mahakaal’ temple once in a month. Before starting any project Madhur will do his particular puja. No matter what occasion arrives or wherever he is, Madhur will always wear his ‘Mahakaal’ thread (the yellow and red one) which is tied on his wrist. Whether he is shooting or walking the ramp, he will never remove it. And it quite inspires me because if he can follow it after having such a busy schedule, then why can’t we?” 

But is he superstitious? To which Akanksha replies, “I haven't experienced as of now. During shoot also nothing of that sort happened which could tell me that he is superstitious.”

Ask Akanksha if the CALENDAR GIRLS team, especially Madhur, has any agenda of visiting Siddhivinaiayk or ‘Mahakaal’ temple before the film hits the screens (September 25, 2015) and the actress says, “Yes that’s for sure. We have already decided it because Madhur never does anything without visiting Mahakaal temple.  I don’t know about everybody, but I am definitely going to pay a visit.”

Well, we are pleased to know about this side of Madhur!