Akshay: Chitrangada brings maturity & freshness

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 15 Nov 2011 15:14:12.0500000 IST

After an eventful 12 months that saw a flurry of releases with as many as 6 of his films hitting the screens (while being practically spaced by just a couple of months each), Akshay Kumar took a small break. However he is now back with DESI BOYZ, a film that is carrying good vibes for itself when it comes to promise of feel good light hearted entertainment. With the film coming a good six months after THANK YOU, it appears to be one welcome break for Akshay as well.

view DESI BOYZ movie stills
view DESI BOYZ movie stills

''It has definitely been a well deserved break for both me and my fans. My mother loves me to bits but even she won't want to see my face constantly slapped across every channel on her TV all year round, though she is definitely asking for it now,' laughs, 'Here I am back with my partner in crime Jonny Boy (John Abraham) - 'So letz make some noise for the Desi Boyz Une, Duos Tres letz Go'!''


While there is a definite promise of some good noise being made with his GARAM MASALA partner, there is a lot more spice added to the affairs with Chitrangada Singh being paired opposite him. Can audience look forward to this fresh new pairing?

''Exactly,'' exclaims Akshay, ''After all, this is what the film is about - freshness! I am quite excited for everyone to see us as a 'new on-screen pair' because Chits brings a beautiful sexy maturity to the screen that many of our wonderful young heroines haven't grown into yet. It is a good thing though - let the young be young & fruitful and let the experienced bring maturity and class of a fresh kind. That is exactly what Chitrangada  has done.''

With such vote of confidence coming from Akshay himself and an item number in his other film (JOKER) to boast of, Chitrangada definitely seems to be marching on the right path.