Akshay Kumar: Everyone in the industry is friends


Akshay Kumar and John Abraham have worked in past together with films like GARAM MASALA, DESI BOYZ, HOUSEFULL2.

They will now be clashing with their respective film’s GOLD and SATYAMEV JAYATE on August 15.

At the press conference of SATYAMEV JAYATE, John said Akshay is a friend and there is no issue if both our films clash together.

On this when media asked Akshay Kumar at the GOLD special event that if John is his friend and what does he have to say about the clash Akshay said, “The entire industry is a whole bunch of friends and I wish John Abraham all the very nets for his film too. We have so many films and we all can clash with each other on Eid, Diwali or Christmas.”

Further, when asked Akshay during PADMAAVAT, Akshay postponed the release of his film PAD MAN will he be doing so now, to which Akashay said, (laughs), “like I said everybody in the industry is friends, and for friendship sake, I did it that time. I am sure with GOLD and John's film as we are friends, both the film will have their share of the audience.”