Akshay Kumar has powerful message for youngsters & their parents

Akshay Kumar has powerful message for youngsters & their parents news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 03 May 2017 17:15:38.6670000 IST

Bollywood’s poster boy of patriotism Akshay Kumar always has some pearls of wisdom to share with his fans on social media pages.

The actor who will be receiving his first National Awards today posted a video message on a micro blogging site. The actor in this video spoke about how during his school days he had failed in one class but his parents never thrashed him instead they sat him down and asked him where his interests lies in. From then on his parents have always supported him in every career decisions that he took.

Giving his own example of how long he has come since then, the actor requested the youngsters to not to take their lives lightly and to never succumb to the pressures of studies or peers.

Akshay also advised parents of today’s youngster to take out time from their busy schedule and spend some quality time with their kids. He also raised the question that why we fail to take care of our mental health which is equally important as our physical health.

Watch the actor’s entire message below:

Thanks Akki for talking about these issues and generating awareness about them.