Akshay Kumar joins hand with this popular brand for betterment of India!

Akshay Kumar

Whenever we watch television we come across the ad of Harpic almost every time, Harpic is coined as the leader in toilet cleaning. We are all aware that Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of ‘Har Ghar Swachh’. He also made earnest efforts with his film TOILET: EK PREM KATTHA, wherein he was seen raising the sanitation issue in rural India.

Underlining its commitment to support sanitation and ODF initiatives, Harpic along with Akshay Kumar aims to provide universal access to clean toilets to each and every Indian and emphasize on the importance of maintaining a clean toilet.

Akshay has been a strong supporter of the sanitation movement in India and has championed the social issue through his movies like TOILET: EK PREM KATTHA which was instrumental in driving positive social change.

He is also the brand ambassador of the Government’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’. With the new mission, Akshay plays an evangelist to emphasize the need for taking care of toilets, maintaining them regularly and cleaning them to ensure a healthier living.

Commenting on his association with the brand, Akshay Kumar said, “There is a growing need to sensitize people on the need and importance of keeping their toilets clean and hygienic. It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Harpic to drive the ‘Har Ghar Swachh’ mission. We can no longer treat toilets as a stepchild of the home but consider them to be a source of pride and joy, hence I urge people to join me in this mission so that we can ensure a healthier and hygienic life for ourselves and for our families”.