Akshay Kumar: OUATIMD was a complete challenge

Akshay Kumar

In three days from now, Akshay Kumar's biggie ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI DOBAARA would be up for release. While he is indeed relishing playing the part of a 'villain' in the film, to compliment the scene, he had worked on his entire body language, get up and mannerisms in order to make the right impact.

Given the fact that he works on multiple films at a time (last year he had five releases and early this year he has already released SPECIAL 26), was it his years of experience that made him adapt to the world of OUATIMD so quickly?

'It is not experience that has been the pillar of my portrayal but sincere passion to play, act, breathe, or in this case smoke like a deadly chimney,' laughs Akshay, who had to smoke quite a few cigarettes - something that he hates in his personal life - for the film.

He continues, 'To enact a character that is so far from my norm, it was a complete challenge. In fact this is a role that I have secretly wanted to play for a long time now. My character's whole persona is just so intriguing and I have pulled out all the stops to make sure that 100% and nothing less was given into every inch possible.'

With such confident words coming from the man who is traditionally not known for making huge claims, one looks forward to what the team of OUATIMD has to offer when it releases all over this Thursday.