Akshay kumar urges people to help the Marty’s of 26/11

Akshay Kumar

Akshay kumar has always taken keen initiative in helping the soldiers and martyrs.


Today being 26/11 it is one of the iconic days in the history of Mumbai as the terror attack shook the city a decade ago and the pride of Mumbai the Taj Hotel was under the hands of terrorists and many tourists and localities fell pray to hostage were stranded there for 24 hours.

Many soldiers and brave martyrs laid there life while saving the people from the handcuffs of terrorist.Akahay kumar who has always supported the army family has an important message for media and fans and requests everyone to donate for the cause.

Here is what Akshay Kumar has to say,

"Guys there are many of us who wish to donate to the family of the martyrs but do not know the efficient mode to do so. Request you to do once visit the #BharatKeVeer website and directly donate to the family of martyrs and show your kind support to them. Remembering the Marty's should be just on 26/11 but each and everyday. Request you to show your love and support to #BharatKeVeer an initiative started by me in association with The Government of India. You just have to login to the website and donate as per your capacity be it 1k or 16 k and that money will directly go into the account of the soldier’s wife or family, no government is involved in it.. every soldier gets 15lac and as the amount is received that soldiers name will be removed. There is no tax or GST, it’s direct money.”

Well done Akshay Kumar, lets all help and support the initiative.