Akshay kumar: Bollywood lacks punctuality

Akshay kumar is one most busiest actor, all his previous films have done expectationally well in the past be it TOILET: EK PREM KATTHA, JOLLY LLB 2 and many more..

He is now gearing up for a south film 2.0 where in he is seen playing an antoganist alongside the great Rajinikant, Akshay’s look in the song and trailer is widely appreciated.

This is the first time he will be seen as an antoganist and it took him three hours to get into the make up look.

During media interactions with Akshay Kumar when asked him about the time he took for make up and was it taxing to which he said, “ Yes it was tedious, I am a very patient person but sitting for 3 hours made me calm as after the prosthetics were on I couldn’t eat I was on liquid diet, the entire process would take 3 hours and due to heavy prosthetics my skin couldn’t break and When the make up was removed I would smell of sweat. However I enjoyed the entire process.”

When asked Akshay what was the first thing he did when he saw himself in that look to which he said, “ I was clicking selfies with my Son and daughter and wife.”

As the film 2.0 is a sci-fi film and the budget is high the south industry is quite efficient, punctual and their technical team is way ahead of bollywood.


On being asked Akshay what is the major difference between both the industries khiladi kumar avers, “ Everyone there is super punctual, down south if the shoot time is 7.30 am they roll the camera at that time, unlike here if it’s 7.30 the roll time will be 9 or 10. Even the super stars are on time. We shoot 34 scenes there, here we shoot 12. They are extremely fast.As far as the technology is concerned the use of vfx and 3D set up Is much more advanced. Look at the vfx of BAHUBALI. I would urge everyone to watch the film in 3D.”