Akshay Kumar: This is how the national award winner can become immortal before dying

Akshay Kumar: This is how the national award winner can become immortal before dying news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 10 Apr 2017 10:05:42.0400000 IST
Bollywood fittest actor and the new age on screen icon of patriotism and good virtues Akshay Kumar received the national award honour as the best actor for RUSTOM. Popularly known as the Khiladi, Akshay’s win has triggered a storm for different reasons and here in this open letter to the superstar, a pakka (true) diehard fan of Akshay, has expressed his true feelings and suggested how his favourite Akki Bhaiya can become immortal before dying and seal the lips of his critics. Read on.


Dear Akshay Kumar,
It has been 26 years since you showed tremendous promise with SAUGANDH (1991) that created an unbreakable bond that has JOLLYied around for long and will continue forever. This recent hullabaloo over your win in the best actor category at the National Film Awards has sparked a row over the allegedly rumoured ‘HERA PHERI’ in the selection headed by your friend and jury chairperson director Priyadarshan.

Everything possible under the sun is getting imagined for your win, it is rumored that your ‘desh bhakth’ (patriotic) image on screen has found die hard followers in the system that has allegedly triggered your edge over Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan plus your association with Priyadarshan as an actor and as a friend.

You are in league of your own and you have made an incredible progress and being an outsider, your achievements as an actor, producer is highly motivating for young aspirants. Your fitness fundas has always been the talk of the industry.

Without getting into the alleged fiasco that has again put a question mark on the creditability of National Film Awards and without getting judgmental on whether the award is still a proper yardstick or its similar to the popular awards where talent take a backseat over favouritism, lobbying and political pressure, as a true Jabra diehard, I smell a golden opportunity for you in this controversy.

Last night I was watching Jean-Luc Godard’s classic BREATHLESS (1960), this revolutionary French film written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard was a breakthrough for three reasons. First, the movie is the initial torch bearer of French new wave cinema. Second it put Belmondo in a different league as an actor and last but not the least, this exceptional line from the film if implemented by the actor Akshay Kumar putting behind the superstar Akshay, can silence his haters forever. This is how the line goes. When the gorgeous Jean Seberg in the film asks Jean-Paul Belmondo, “What is your greatest ambition in life?”, he replies, “To become immortal... and then die.”.

Akki Bhaiya, you can become immortal before dying by changing the scene and bringing your on screen image of good virtues, morality and true ‘deshbhakti’ (patriotism) to force by either sharing the award with your seniors – Mr. Bachchan and Aamir Khan or say no, setting an example that will be remembered in history. Yesteryears villain Pran refused to accept the popular Filmfare in the best supporting actor’s category for BE-IMAAN in 1973 as a protest for Ghulam Mohammed and Naushad Ali not getting the Best Music award for PAKEEZAH. The good hearted villain is in the history books for this feat and staying alive.

Dear Akshay, you truly deserve a National honour and it would be better if it’s something as soul lifting as AIRLIFT at least and certainly not for RUSTOM though the respected chairperson Mr Priyadarshan has mentioned AIRLIFT, but since when an actor has started winning an award for two performances?.

Akshay, this is the ‘GOLD’en opportunity to set an example and become immortal that can have major impact on the ongoing alleged ‘HERA PHERI’ of awards.

Share it with your seniors – Mr. Bachchan and Aamir Khan or gracefully say no like a true soldier.

Yours true Jabra Fan
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