Akshay Kumar’s next TOBACCO: Dosti Ki Dastaan?

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is a man on mission and we are not complaining. On the lines of Amitabh Bachchan, who appears in most of government’s social awareness campaigns, it is now Akshay Kumar who seems to have taken it seriously too; earlier the actor focused on the patriotism aspect and now when it comes to highlight any social cause then Akki is definitely our “go-to” man these days.

Akshay Kumar’s last two releases – TOILET: EK PREM KATHA and PAD MAN, both seem to be taking the “social awareness” baton ahead by making a full length feature film on the topics usually not spoken so openly about (or topics that are usually brushed under the carpet). In both these films, Akshay has played a good husband wanting to do good for his wives (in respective movies) by constructing a toilet in one and making sasta sanitary napkins in the second… On the same lines; how we wish seeing yet another topic that needs mass awareness and who better than our ‘Masses ka Hero’ to do the honours? I’m told Akshay did mention in one of his media interactions that he is open to suggestions and ideas so that he can make more such films…now that’s what maketh a ‘real hero’.

Now we don’t just have a suitable topic for him, in fact we even have an apt title ready for his next ‘Mission’- TOBACCO: DOSTI KI DASTAAN. Now you must we wondering why this title? Well read on to find out.

I’m sure we all have seen, till recent past, the ‘Mukesh ki Kahani’ (Anti-Smoking) rolling before any film that is screened in cinema halls. It is a subject that is taken so seriously that it was and is still being (mostly) played before the film screenings in various narratives; whether the Mukesh story, or the Rahul Dravid’s wall story and a couple more. Taking a cue from these two (and may be more) outings I guess it could form a good fodder for Ad filmmakers like R Balki to make full length features with probably Akshay playing the lead whose (side kick) friend is a tobacco addict and our hero wants him to quit the vice (addiction). The story will have opportunities to show friendship, side effects of addiction like poverty, medical expenses, products that help in quitting the vice and a happy ending, where our hero will be seen gifting everyone anti-tobacco products on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This could be a great opportunity for these products too. And the Nation will again standup and laud the efforts by Akshay and his selection of themes of films he is doing. Finally a win-win situation for everyone… if you know what that means.

So Akki if you are wondering which socially relevant topic you should take up next then here it is.