Akshay puts TOILET before him. Surprised?

Akshay puts TOILET before him. Surprised? news
Nitin Jain By Nitin Jain | 07 Jun 2017 15:09:55.2900000 IST

We have been consuming Bollywood for the longest time. And along with a new movie comes its various promotional materials, beginning with a teaser (creative).

However, one thing that is common is almost all the (Bollywood) movie creatives is that it adorns its ‘star’ to attract the attention of the audience with the so-called star power. Here is one movie and a ‘star’ featuring in that movie that have gone ahead and been (probably) as true to the concept of its narrative as possible right from its teaser. We are talking about the upcoming Akshay Kumar starrer TOILET – EK PREM KATHA.

As surprising as it may be, Akki announced to the world the latest teaser creative of the movie and we are surprised. The poster does not have any ‘star’ on it. Of the two creatives one would definitely catch everyone’s attention as there are various significant indicators, something that one dies to see in case of emergency (read nature’s call). Thank you Akshay