Akshaye Khanna keeps his private life private

Akshaye Khanna There have been reports on how Bollywood is increasingly moving towards Hollywood Paparazzi culture. Lately it was heard that huge sums were offered for exclusive coverage of Liz Hurley-Arun Nayyar wedding and also for the exclusive coverage for Hollywood's 'Brangelina' couple.

A close source has revealed that a paparazzi magazine wants exclusive pictures of Akshaye Khanna and the so-called 'Socialite' he has been allegedly dating. There is a huge curiosity over Akshaye's love life since he is considered very reclusive. But the reserved actor prefers to keep his private life private.

The temperamental actor has kept his love very low profile. So, the curiosity is even more for the paparazzi magazine to publish the pictures of the ?socialite? from New York and are ready to pay an undisclosed amount for the same. But Akshaye is not biting the bait and is currently very upbeat about his two films, which he is shooting with Abbas Mastan NAQAB & RACE!

Pic Courtesy- Subi Samuel