Akshaye Khanna starrer GANDHI MY FATHER ON 3rd August

Akshaye KhannaTo the people he was a father?To his son he was the father he never had

Eros International announces its next global release, GANDHI MY FATHER, the most captivating and revolutionary film ever to emerge from India, telling the untold story of Gandhi?s tragic relationship with his eldest son.

Releasing on 3rd August 2007, GANDHI MY FATHER is a powerful study of the nature and sufferings of the patriarchal relationship between one of the world?s most loved figures ? ?Mahatma? Gandhi - and his misfortunate eldest son Harilal. The film delves into a territory that has never before been visited by film, and will spark debate by bringing to light an unknown facet of the personal history of a man who transformed the soul of a nation, but who could not save the soul of his own son.

Based on his thought-provoking play, Mahatma v/s Gandhi, veteran thespian of Indian theatre and cinema chas combined his unparalleled talents as a writer and director with the production skills of fellow industry stalwart Anil Kapoor, to create the most affecting film of modern times.

Although inspired by the philosophies and teachings of one of the greatest men of the modern world, the groundbreaking GANDHI MY FATHER is far from a biopic account or portrayal of Gandhi?s struggle towards India?s independence. Delving deep into the personal tragedy that Gandhi kept secret from the world, Feroz Khan?s filmic tour de force focuses on the doomed relationship between a father respected by an entire nation, but rebuked by a son who was disowned, and whose bitter end was the result of years of abject alcoholism.

At the forefront of Indian theatre today, Feroz Khan is recognized as much for exploring new forms, as for bringing Hindi theatre and film, mainstream recognition. In a career spanning more than two decades, he has directed some of India?s finest acting talent, both from stage and cinema, and his English theatre production of Mahatma v/s Gandhi created a sensation wherever it was staged.

Coming from a family that has been involved in the art of filmmaking for the past 50 years, actor Anil Kapoor has entered the realm of production with GANDHI MY FATHER, and brings thorough knowledge and wide experience to the craft. He forays into independent production with his banner, Anil Kapoor Films Company, joining hands with the London-listed, leading integrated media and entertainment Company Eros International, to bring to the audiences a story that gives fascinating insight into Gandhi?s life; not so much as father of the nation, but as a father to his son, Harilal.

GANDHI MY FATHER is released and distributed worldwide by Eros International. Eros International remains committed to giving Indian cinema a global platform and backing socially relevant films with commercial distribution and marketing muscle.

Kishore Lulla, Chairman & CEO of Eros International says: "GANDHI MY FATHER marks a milestone in the 30 year history of Eros International. This colossal piece of filmmaking, unparalleled by anything that has come before, makes its debut on the global platform of cinema, and we are exceedingly proud to take ownership of the distribution rights of a film that will make its own mark in history.?

GANDHI MY FATHER is releasing in cinemas worldwide on 3rd August 2007.