Alia Bhatt: Don't want to match up to Shahid Kapoor; just want to have fun with him

Alia Bhatt: Don't want to match up to Shahid Kapoor; just want to have fun with him news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 23 Sep 2015 12:00:28.3470000 IST

Watching Shahid Kapoor dance is a treat for sure and we can just sit and watch him whole day long! We also know that matching to his steps isn’t easy. His co-star of SHAANDAAR, Alia Bhatt, who has grooved with him in the SHAANDAAR songs knows there is no way she can match up to him but she would always want to dance with him. 

When we asked her how she prepared herself, and how did she rehearse for the songs, she said, “I was crying. Honestly, I don’t think l can match up to him and I’m saying that with great honesty.”


While she was saying this, Shahid was just smiling. Seeing that, Alia then turned to Shahid and said, “Don’t make that face Shahid, I believe it.”

To this Shahid reacted, “No, I thought of a really nice story where I wanted to praise you about, but now let it be.”

Alia then continued telling us that she wanted to have fun with Shahid Kapoor. She said, “Anyway, basically the idea is not to match up to him, the idea is to just have fun with him. When he dances, he dances with joy and he tells you ‘Alia don’t concentrate on the step, think about the mood. You’re focusing too much on the step’.”

Further talking about her co-star’s dancing, she said, “When he does it, you don’t want to look how technical it is. Of course it is technically beautiful, but his overall body language is so vibrant and so electrifying that it kind of translates on screen.”

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And when Alia said that you also feel like dancing when you see Shahid move, we couldn’t agree any more with her. “You just feel like oh, Shahid is dancing, I also want to dance. You get that vibe. So you want people to dance with you when you watch them. And that’s what I’ve learnt from Shahid. I don’t think I can match up to him but I always want to dance with him,” she further added.

Shahid then took over and added how Alia is very professional and shared an episode saying, “There’s a really cute thing that Alia did when we were doing this song, ‘Shaandaar’. There was a major wardrobe issue going on and we were already on set. There was the main step where she had to squat and do it and the outfit that was decided was like a dress and they realized that the step cannot be done in the dress. So Alia actually went back to her van, opened her bag full of clothes, took out a shorts, came back and said, ‘if I wear these shorts, is it ok? Because then we can shoot today and we don’t have to wait’. She’s a very professional girl and that was really cool.”

Alia then just blushed and said, “Thank you.”

Seeing the co-stars ka pyaar & listening to them praising each other so much, we have happy tears in our eyes! Okay, sorry for the over acting.