Alia Bhatt: I didn't want to continue with acting after HIGHWAY

Alia Bhatt: I didn't want to continue with acting after HIGHWAY news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 06 Mar 2017 18:45:13.9600000 IST

Alia Bhatt is on career high. All her films have been successful and appreciated widely. In fact the petite actress has won award for her films like UDTA PUNJAB, DEAR ZINDAGI. She is now gearing up for BADRINATH KI DULHANIA with Varun Dhawan. The terrific duo has charmed the audience in STUDENT OF THE YEAR, HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA.

In conversation with Alia Bhatt, as she spills beans about working with Varun, her choice of films and more.

Excerpts of the interview:

Tell us about your character Vaidehi in BADRINATH?
Usually I need to connect with my characters but with Vaidehi, she is a very ambitious girl and I could connect with that immediately. Despite being from a small town she is forward in her thoughts.

How is Alia different from onscreen character?
Well, my relationship with family is more on the grounds of friendship, even though the love is the same, but Vaidehi is different with her family. She has a way in which she speaks with her family; there is a sense of decorum involved while communicating with her father, while Alia is very friendly to her dad.

How has your equation with Varun evolved over the years?
Varun and I are good friends. We are like new comers whenever we do any movie, we obviously were very nervous and didn't know what was going on during the shoot of our first film STUDENT OF THE YEAR (SOTY), but over the years, we have grown as actors and matured as well. We now understand each other.

This is your second movie with Shashank, how was it working with him again?
To be honest, he was not happy with a few things after the release of Humpty, technically speaking as there were hardly any scale shots in that movie. However in BADRI in almost every scene we had scale shots. Talking about the song, every track has something to offer and has a new feeling. Humpty.. was a naïve film, while BADRI... is a more mature film.

How was working on 'Tamma Tamma Again'?
Firstly all of us are very nervous, because it is an iconic song. We didn't want to upset people and mess anything up. We were trying on many things and then 'Tamma Tamma' happened. It was original voices mixed with Baadshah's rap. Bosco kept that retro feeling with the steps and choreography. Over all vibe was we were enjoying song.

How have you evolved as an actress?
(Laughs) that you guys should tell me. I feel I am learning at every stage. What I recently learnt is I have to unlearn everything and this advice has been given to me by Shah Rukh Khan because when you start learning things, you become repetitive. All the tricks that I have used. I am learning to unlearn that so that there is newness in everything that I do.

'‘Box office numbers have become very frivolous term’'

Has it ever been that it becomes tough for you to come out of the skin of the character?
Yes, it happened with HIGHWAY. I didn't let it happen after that. I got so much into the role that I didn't want to continue with acting and wanted to go and live in mountains. Post which, I had deep discussions with my father regarding it and now I make sure I don't get into my character this deep when I am off sets.

How do you deal with the stress before your movie releases?
Very strangely the last time my movie was releasing, DEAR ZINDAGI, I wasn't nervous at all. I was very cool and chilled out. I was not sure of anything. What I have released is if it's a good film it will surely do well, also I believe in my films. I am only stressed one day before a film and thus I always tell my team to keep me busy a day prior to the film.

How important are Box Office numbers to you?
Box office numbers have become very frivolous term. Here we are talking about numbers and not what the numbers represent. The longevity of the film also matters. People talk about my films and that is what matters to me. Box Office numbers equals to the love people has given us by going to the theatre and watching our movie.

How do you choose your roles?
It's not like I am sitting at him with a chart. It's more of me fulfilling my centers, and not the external centers. I should be able to do everything.

Is there anything that holds your interest in any particular genre?
There are so many things that I haven't done. I have not done an action film, or a period drama or a biopic. Talking about what holds my interests, I can't really answer that because it is all about the stories now. There are stories and films which can't be classified in any genre. But I know I want to produce a movie and hopefully I will do that soon.