All eyes are on M F Hussain’s next magnum opus 'Meenaxi’.

The music of the film composed by maestro A R Rahman is said to be a sure fire chartbuster. Shot in exotic locales in Jaisalmer, Hyderabad and Prague, the songs of Meenaxi featuring Tabu in the title role are said to be a feast for the ears, as well as the senses. There is a Qawali song, which is the opening track of the film, which has been shot in pouring rain. M F Hussain has written the lyrics of this song no less! Apparently, Rahat Indori who was supposed to write the song earlier came up with a Qawali centering on the oft-repeated Ishq. Hussain took one look at 'Ishq? and said, "No way. Not another Ishq song.? And proceeded to write a brand new song lying on his hospital bed. (The powerhouse painter was laid up with a gallstone problem) The song was beautifully choreographed by Italian National award winning choreographer Illiana Czhtaristi, under the able supervision of the associate director Owais Hussain. Yes, M F Hussain?s multi talented son who is said to be a creative force to reckon with!

Tabu who plays the lead has put her best foot forward in Meenaxi. Pun Intended. Apparently, when she was shooting the Rang Hai song, Tabu had just come back from a schedule of her Bengali film 'Abar Aranye? where she had survived a major accident. With four stitches in her leg, Tabu still danced away to glory. "It?s the music of the film. It just did something to me. It?s almost divine.? Says the award-winning actress. This song features a Lebanese singer Dalinda along with Real world artist Hassam Ramzi.

The first shot of Meenaxi was Tabu?s solo song, Yeh Rishta. The song introduces a brand new singer Reena Bharadwaj. Rahman called her for an audition to his studio apartment in London and recorded the scratch in his kitchen! Although this might sound a little amateurish?its not! It is spontaneous, catchy n it is THE maestro?s way?

The bordello song is the one of the highlights of Meenaxi. It features choreographer Remo (dancing in front of the camera, not behind it) and newcomer Kunal who is all set to make waves with his debut in Meenaxi. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, it is being touted as his next Chaiya Chaiya. Apparently, before recording for the song, Sukhwinder requested Rahman if he could change! Sukhi got into a sexy netted black vest before the recording to 'get into the mood.? This song undoubtedly is not only an acoustic treat but has been visually complimented by Owais Hussian?s unmatchable vision and creativity.

The film was earlier titled Do Kadam Aur Sahi. But later Hussainsaab felt that the title Meenaxi suited the film better. Rahman recorded a song "Do Kadanm Aur Sahi? brilliantly rendered by Sonu Nigam which captures the spirit of the film. Shot in Prague and Jaisalmer, this song is an amalgamation of the stories and the emotions that epitomizes the core of the film.

Asha Bhonsle made an unforgettable touching gesture by cutting her holiday short to record Dhuan Dhuan out of sheer respect for M F Hussain. That too, absolutely free of charge! "I cannot talk about money when it comes to Hussainsaab.? She begged off every time. Incidentally, James Asher of the Buddha Bar features in Dhuan Dhuan too along with the talked about Sivamani.

The background score of the film was equally larger than life. Rahman and Owais Hussain even went to Turkey to compose some of it! Talk about Mr. M.F.Hussain going all out. Kudos! To the team and a bow to the maestros. It is believed that the background score can in itself be an acclaimed album did anyone ever doubt that?? when the geniuses are at play anything is possible.