Ameesha Patel-damsel in distress

Ruhail Amin By Ruhail Amin | 01 Oct 2011 15:18:06.3770000 IST

Recently, the out-of-work actress, Ameesha Patel was spotted with a popular director-producer in a plush hotel, discussing serious business matters. Apparently while walking down the lobby of the hotel, the producer was seen talking to his assistants while pretty Ameesha was seen messaging and playing games on her BB phone. The actress was wearing a teeny-weeny off-shoulder dress which had very little left for people's imagination.

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The passersby couldn't help but stand and stare at her gleefully. To this the actress purposely hung around the lobby, enjoying the importance from the people around, with her poised attitude in place. It is a well known fact that Ameesha who is now a full-fledged producer, is on the lookout for good directors on board and yet-to-happen major collaborations.

Says a source, 'Ameesha is going through a crisis phase and wants a lot of attention. She is also trying hard to get some good directors on board for her production house which is taking time too. Her personal life is not exactly rocking either. The only good is her well toned figure which she flaunts at all her public appearances, fashion shows, films, parties et all otherwise there is nothing much happening in her life.'

Alas! It has been an uphill task for the damsel, getting to convince people to be a part of her team. Well, it isn't always a cakewalk Ameesha. Be it acting or turning producer or simply being a good girlfriend, here only good luck by your pretty side would help.