AMI JOY CHATTERJEE Movie Review: An uplifting soul steering piece of cinema

AMI JOY CHATTERJEE poster (courtesy movie twitter handle)
AMI JOY CHATTERJEE poster (courtesy movie twitter handle)

There are movies about life but rarely do we come across a movie that not only gives life to our hopes, it massages our soul as well. Manoj Michigan’s AMI JOY CHATTERJEE starring Abir Chatterjee is a journey that is an uplifting, spiritual and beautiful look into a man’s life that changes outlook and helps us in becoming a better human.

Producer Shivanggi Choudharry deserves a pat on her back for backing this out of the box material, it may seem illogical, escapist to non believers but this fairy tale with a soul is a must for any ‘body’ who believes in life and hope.

Opens like any mystery thriller, a man - Joy Chatterjee (Abir Chatterjee) is lying at a hill top probably a tourist spot in the morning. He gains consciousness and rushes towards his fiancé Dr. Aditi Roy (Jaya Ahsan), to his shock, Aditi refuses to recognize Joy and shows him the door, Joy leaves fuming to his house and gets the same treatment, ditto at his office, nobody is able to recognize Joy Chatterjee - the top honcho of a flourishing company who is too practical, self centered and ambitious that he can sell his peace if he gets a good price. Joy’s attitude has spoiled his relation with Aditi. In order to get back the warmth in his relationship with Aditi, Joy takes Aditi for a holiday. During their way, something unexpected happens and life of Joy and Aditi changes for ever. Why are people unable to recognize Joy, what life lessons he learns, all these is explained in the engaging film.

The concept is fresh and has spiritual tones, though it loses momentum in between but the revelation during the climax takes it to another level. The spirit of humanity and living for the wellbeing of others is highlighted and the message does come out. The concept is new but the screenplay lacks novelty and in between suffers from predictability. In the end director Manoj Michigan is able to churn a feel good positive piece of cinema that also does some massage to our soul. Abir Chatterjee shines ads Joy, Jaya Ahsan looks pretty and adds her weight and gains her moments. Shataf Figar is good. The kids at orphanage are fantastic. Manas Ganguly’s camerawork is eye pleasing.

As said earlier, there are movies about life but rarely do we come across a movie that not only gives life to our hopes, it massages our soul as well. AMI JOY CHATTERJEE is brave enough in accepting that challenge and is happy to string our heartbeat by staying offbeat, movies like these sometimes face the danger of getting overlooked for that expected routine happiness on screen, this Joy is must if you love your life and want to be a better human.

Rating 3.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Abir Chatterjee
  • Director: Manoj Michigan
  • Release Date : 01 Jan 1970
  • Movie Duration : 2H 36M