Amitabh Bachchan craves for ‘Meetha’

Amitabh BachchanAll of us have been grabbed by the urge of craving and more often than not, our quest for fulfilling the craving makes for very interesting, sometimes funny, stories. Though craving is a very individualistic emotion there seems to be a common force, which pushes us into action, and go beyond ourselves till self-gratification.

Highlighting the aspect of craving is a new teaser commercial on TV that has started appearing in the various channels today featuring Amitabh Bachchan and what he does when he gets a sudden craving to have something ?meetha?.

The ad starts with Amitji traveling in his top open car driven by a chauffer. Sitting back in the car Amitji sings the song ?kabhi Kabhi mere dilmein khayal aata hai? to himself. And his driver remarks ?Kitna meetha gana hai sir?

Mr. Bachchan stops singing abruptly as if he has been reminded of something and says ?meetha, arre yeh kya boldiya yar tune?? The driver perplexed, asks ?kya hua sir?? and an anxious Mr. Bachchan says ?now I need something meetha?

Amitabh BachchanMr. Bachchan indicates the driver to stop the car abruptly, steps out of the car and directs the driver to wait for him.

In his urgency, he turns around to tell the driver that he?ll be back soon, turns ahead and bangs straight onto a lamppost. Seeing Amitabh fall to the ground, the driver yells ?sir?

And the super that appears says ?Aage Kya Hoga? and invites the viewers to log onto a website to guess and win prizes.

Though the commercial does not mention any brand name there is already a buzz about what would happen next. Watch this space for more.