Amitabh Bachchan on big screen again after NISHABD

View NISHABD Music Release - Picture GalleryAmitabh Bachchan returns to big screen after a short break since the release of his NISHABD. And no, it is not with ZAMAANAT.

Instead, he would be 'heard' rather than 'seen' as his work as a narrator for the film MARCH OF THE PENGUINS that would be finally witnessed in a few weeks time as the film gets readied for it's Hindi version release.

Originally released in 2005, the film is one of the highest grossers among documentaries across the world. Dubbed in dozen odd foreign languages since it's release, it's American version had Morgan Freeman providing voiceover.

Directed by Luc Jacquet, the film chronicles the tough journey of displaced penguins from Antarctica. Said to be one of the most beautiful documentaries ever made, the film takes it's audience to a trip to Antarctica where they are introduced to the majestic Emperor penguins.

When released, it had become the second highest grossing theatrical documentary after FAHRENHEIT 9/11 [2004].

This is not the first time that Big B would be heard as narrator. Prior to this, he was also heard as a narrator in PARINEETA, INSAAF-THE JUSTICE, RUDRAKSH, FUN2SHH, KHUSHI, LAGAAN, HELLO BROTHER and TERE MERE SAPNE to name a few.