Amitabh Bachchan on changing trends in Indian Cinema

Amitabh Bachchan on changing trends in Indian Cinema news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 18 Jan 2017 18:52:27.8730000 IST

The moment the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan walks into a room, his magnificent aura changes the entire atmosphere. People are instantly charmed by his charismatic persona.

Almost all adjectives available in a directory have been used to describe this iconic actor.


Yesterday the Shahensha of Bollywood launched film critic and veteran journalist Bhawana Somaaya’s book titled ‘Once Upon A Time In India: A Century of Indian Cinema.’ At the launch event Mr. Bachchan not just launched the book about also gave some of his very interesting insights of changing times in Bollywood and also shared some amusing episodes like his exposure to films in childhood, his lack of knowledge about accessing a story and many more things.

When asked about how he was exposed to films in childhood, the actor replied, “I was born and brought up in Allahabad, and there the Capital cinema theatre was a very prominent where we used to watch films. In Our time parents used to go and watch the films first and if that was suitable for children only then give us approval to watch the film. Laurel and Hardy’s THE FLYING DEUCES was the first film that I had watched in my life. Probably my first Hindi film was JAGRITI. In our times it was very fascinating to watch a film in an air-conditioned theatre. We used to sit on wooden benches and pay 8 annas to watch films.”

Since he has been facing the arc lights since last 48 years the actor was asked about the changes that have taken place in the filmmaking process to which he gave a very insightful reply, “There are couple of technical changes. I wonder if we should start referring the film industry by other name since we no longer use films(reels) everything is digital . With that difference a lot of making procedure has changed. During our times we never got the opportunity to improvise our scenes, we have to deliver in single take as giving retakes then would be very expensive as films were very expensive. But today there are no such limitations for an actor.”

Recently in an interview he had said that his wife Jaya knows more about films than he does, and he should be credited clarifying on that he said, “The actor also spoke about one very wonderful change that he has come across he said that earlier only two women were spotted on a film set, which was the heroine and her mother as a chaperon but now almost 50-60% crew of a film comprise of women.

“The work force today is all managed by young girls it’s wonderful to see them working with utmost dedication. We rely on them wholeheartedly as for some reason we believe that the ladies are never going to make a mistake. I feel free to be able to say my lines and be involved in the scene and not worry about what my continuity is, what I should be wearing or which button of my jacket was open in the previous shot. These were the things which we had to look after ourselves in my time but now there are wonderful ladies that come around and do this for you. All the women writers, directors are really doing some commendable job and we really need them to come forward and tell the men that they are better than them.”

Talking about his lack of knowledge about accessing a story or a film the actor said that we was worried about how in an era where films titled BADI BEHEN and CHOTI BAHU were released a film titled AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY would work? But director Manmohan Desai assured him to just sit back and watch. Later to his horror the opening sequence of the blood transfusion between three brother and one lady would not be permissible forget in films but even in the medical history but still the film went on to become a huge hit and Amitabh was rendered speechless.

Really Mr. Bachchan is an institution in himself as he is full of so much knowledge and has such wonderful insights about the film industry.
Sir you truly never cease to surprise us.