Amitabh Bachchan with Ramesh Sippy reminisce their good-old SHOLAY days

Amitabh Bachchan with Ramesh Sippy reminisce their good-old SHOLAY days news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 10 Mar 2017 17:33:46.9470000 IST

Ramesh Sippy, the man who gave Bollywood one of its most iconic films SHOLAY, has now ventured in the field of education. The Padma Shri awardee and legendary filmmaker has come up with his Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment (RSACE).


In a star-studded event this academy was launched by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan yesterday. Mr. Bachchan has worked with Sippy in popular films like SHAAN, SHAKTI and how can we forget SHOLAY.

Talking about his endeavour and his association with Amitabh Bachchan, filmmaker Ramesh Sippy shared, “When I started I did not have a school to learn it, when I was on sets I learnt and imbibed from there. On the sets of SHOLAY, the keenest observer was Shri. Amitabh Bachchan. Whenever I would look around even if it was not his shot he sat there pretending to read a book but he would be watching. Whosoever’s scene it would be, Mr. Bachchan would just keep observing and never say a word. I have learnt from him that I am going to teach the youngsters now is that besides the education your keenness, your observation, your passion will take you a long way.”

Chief guest Amitabh Bachchan said, “I am honoured and privileged to be part of such a momentous occasion in the history of Cinema. 50-60 years ago Cinema and films as a profession was considered infra dig. Children from good families were never allowed to join the profession let alone go to cinema watch a film. In my younger days my own parents would watch the film first and if it’s suitable only then allow us to watch it. But today Cinema and films have become an academic curriculum in this prestigious Mumbai University. I envy students of today’s generation because in my years when I was wanting to join the film industry I never had an occasion to join any of these institutes. ”

He further shared, “I learnt the craft and am still learning it by being on set, there was never any kind of formal education. So I am honoured to be here as the youngsters of coming generation will have the opportunity formally train in the art of cinema and entertainment.”

When requested to join the institute as a visiting lecturer, the ever-so-humble Mr. Bachchan replied, “I guarantee you that I would most certainly be here but not as someone who will teach but I would like to be here as a student because I am sure that there would be a lot for me to learn from the kind of curriculum that’s has been designed. I am happy that Ramesh ji is the master mind behind this programme because he has this penchant for detail and not giving up anything until he has the perfect shot. There was a scene in SHOLAY where Jaya is lighting a lamp in the corridor of her home on the first floor and I am sitting in the outhouse playing my mouth organ, there was a particular kind of lighting that was required for the shot. And no one would believe this; we took 3 years before we finally canned that particular shot. Ramesh ji said that until we get the correct lighting we are not doing this film. That is the kind of conviction and perfection he has.”

Well Mr. Bachchan never ceases to surprise us with his awe-inspiring personality and humility. How we look forward to be the fly on the wall when he gives a lecture be it on any topic. We are pretty sure you must be feeling the same.