Amitabh Bachchan's 'disgusting' reaction to Kathua rape case

The Kathua rape case has shattered the nation and so is our Bollywood affected, as more and more celebrities have voiced their opinions on the subject. On Sunday we saw actors marching over juctice at Bandra and Kemps corner, several actors were seen condeming this act with placards and hoping for justice.

B-town has expressed anger and grief on social media and now they are also coming out in media and speaking about it.

At a recent event , even Alia Bhatt voiced her opinion about the incident and said she is deeply saddned by this, post which Mr Bachchan, who is vocal about his thoughts on his blog and social media about everuting, too answered in fury when media asked him about the recent rape case.

Amitabh Bachchan was asked about the incident during ’Badumbaaa’ song launch to which he replied, “Mujhe uss vishay par charcha karne mein ghin aati hai. So uss vishay ko uchhalo mat (I feel disgusted even talking about it. So, don’t rake up this issue."

The horrifying incident has gripped the nation and as we were preparing to make peace with the Nirbhaya incident which happened a few years back this one too shall be remembered for the disgusting human cruelty towards other humans wrapped under a blanket of religion and differences.