Amrita was wary of 'bold content' in BLOOD MONEY

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 16 Jan 2012 11:51:34.2670000 IST

When it comes to a film by the Bhatts, an actress is more or less prepared to step into a world where sex and skin show may form an integral part of the story telling. No wonder that in the times when adult star Sunny Leone is in talks to feature as the leading lady in JISM 2, one film old Amrita Puri (who had debuted with AISHA as the loveable 'behenji') had all the right reasons to wonder if she really wanted to move into the Bhatts' camp with BLOOD MONEY.

view AISHA movie stills
view AISHA movie stills

A close friend of Amrita says, "She was obviously in two minds even before consenting to do an audition for the film. With talks of RAAZ 3, JISM 2 and MURDER 3 all set to turn bolder than before, Amrita didn't want to take chances."

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This was pretty much a perception factor playing in her mind since, except for MURDER 2, last few films from Bhatts - whether it is CROOK, TUM MILE or JASHNN - haven't quite required their leading ladies like Neha Sharma, Soha Ali Khan or Anjana Sukhani to shed their inhibition.

Her friend continues, "When she first heard that BLOOD MONEY was a Bhatt film, she wondered how they thought of her as someone who could play a femme fatale. Naturally, she was scared. She wanted to change her image from the days of AISHA, par itna bhi nahi!"

She did ultimately step in for the audition and was relieved to find that BLOOD MONEY wasn't quite taking the sex-n-sleaze route.

"Frankly speaking, post AISHA when I prepared the list of filmmakers with whom I wanted to work, I didn't really have Bhatts in my mind," says Amrita in a candid tone, "However once I went through the script and realised that BLOOD MONEY was actually a dramatic take on the lives of an ordinary couple, I was game for it and all my doubts were laid to rest."