Amy Jackson confesses her love!

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 31 Jan 2012 12:49:41.3000000 IST

British actress and model Amy Jackson confesses her love! But wait before you jump to any conclusion. We are not indicating anything about her rumoured love affair with co-star Prateik but the sultry beauty reveals her eccentric obsession for wearing traditional Indian saris!

The actress was introduced to traditional Indian saris when she started to shoot for her film EKK DEEWANA THA. Amy said that wearing a sari made her feel more beautiful than wearing western dresses.

view EKK DEEWANA THA stills
view EKK DEEWANA THA stills

She thinks that sari is the most elegant outfit a woman could wear. ''I had never worn a Sari before I started shooting the film EKK DEEWANA THA. But now I actually prefer wearing sari to wearing a gown. They are definitely more comfortable and I can perform more naturally, which is important in such a compelling love story,'' says Amy.

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Hailing from the new age genre of Hindi cinema that presents a fresh and youth-targeted perspective, EKK DEEWANA THA portrays a classic, intense love story with fresh impetus for a new generation of cinemagoers. To complement the powerful love story is a musical score by Oscar winner music composer A. R. Rahman.