Amy Jackson to produce documentary on animal welfare

Amy Jackson to produce documentary on animal welfare news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 10 Jul 2017 10:50:45.7400000 IST
Amy Jackson is an animal lover and that is clearly evident from the fact that the actress always comes forward when it comes to raising her voice against cruelty towards animals or raising funds through an NGO for the betterment of animals.


Taking the noble cause to the next level, the gorgeous actress has now decided to co-produce and feature in short film with her friend creating awareness about cruelty to animals and how to prevent it.

The actress will soon be meeting the government officials in India for the documentary’s sponsorship and plans to send the documentary to several film festivals.

Talking about the project Amy shares, “I am producing a short movie with my friend in London (UK). We’ve shot half of it. This cause is close to my heart and I am always up for animal welfare. I’m a public personality, and raising awareness is only a small contribution towards animal welfare. I have also applied to a few festivals and have approached the Indian government for help with this. A lot of ground work is required and I am doing it.”

“There is a need to stop cruelty against animals and love them - not abuse them. A lot of people are cruel to animals and I want to tell them that it’s fine if you can’t do anything for them, but at least don’t hurt them either,” she concluded.