Meet Tammanah, Kajal and Manjima as they head to Paris

We had reported yesterday that Kangana Ranaut’s famous film QUEEN will be remade in south in three different languages mainly Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil. While all these films have been named differently and will not be dubbed but will be shot in those languages.

While the third one Zam Zam which has Manjima Mohan she looks serene and happy and she is seen in the most subtle avatar as she is shy and has a globe in hand which shows that she is prepared to take on the world All the posters are vibrant and give us the Kangana Queen feels. The marketing and promotions of each language and the way it has been depcited is making us wait anxiously.

Tamannah Bhatia will be seen in Butterfly where she is showing some thumkas and seen wearing glasses. She looks beautiful and gorgeous with the back drop of heart and Eiffel Tower which is intact!

Kajal Agarwal will be seen in Paris Paris which is a bright and beautiful poster which shows wherein she is seen enjoying on Eiffel Tower, and the announcement of poster is also appealing as it shows Kajaal being dressed as a would be bride and is seen smiling.