An Open Letter to Ashish Chowdhry

An Open Letter to Ashish Chowdhry news
img By Martin D'Souza | 15 Apr 2015 16:07:02.5000000 IST

Dear Ashish

I’m not a TV person, so I miss most of the goings-on, on television; dance shows, reality shows, even news shows! The little that I watch is concentrated on sports and whatever my kids are watching on cartoon channels.

So it was rather late that I read that you had won the sixth season of a reality television show that includes dare-devilry. Congratulations on winning.

And it was not the publicity campaign or media blitz of the television channel (I guess there was none) through which the news reached me but through your wife Samita. She was furiously updating your exploits and deserved win on social media! I guess, no campaign can beat a wife’s ‘full-throttle’ campaign.

As a father of three children, I did not expect you to take such risks. But you did, and you came up trumps. Anything could have happened. But then again, you have seen the worst life has to offer. In that sense you are far more evolved than most of us.

But please, don’t do it again.

You are well aware that 10 people died, including a number of French sports stars, after two helicopters collided during the filming of a French reality TV show in Argentina, last month.

It’s good to see that you have made the switch to television and with host Rohit Shetty and you spending a good part of the show in Cape Town, South Africa, I bet you two must have bonded well for you to consider another shot at Bollywood.

From the little that I have seen of you on the big screen, I can say that you are bloody good. Though most of the movies you featured in may not have been blockbusters, it did cement the fact that you can act.

Even though SPEED, the 2007 release, lacked momentum, you caught the eye with your terrific negative act. That same year, you also dabbled with comedy with DHAMAAL and fared well, apart from putting an improved performance in DADDY COOL.

Now with another added dimension [action] under your belt, you are a worthy candidate for any Bollywood masala movie, or even a serious role. Hopefully, you will put your energies in this direction.

You are young, have a space of your own, and also well-meaning friends within the industry who can be of help.

Your time has come! Grab it!

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)