An Open Letter To Vivan Bhathena

An Open Letter To Vivan Bhathena news
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 16 Sep 2015 12:47:23.6800000 IST

Dear Vivan

I watched HERO last week. And I came back impressed with your performance as Ranvijay; the suitor selected for Athiya’s character. Believe me, I did not know then who this actor was on screen that was bringing a semblance of sanity into the proceedings, simply by his presence.

I came back to dear google and realized that Ranvijay [the character that impressed me] was Vivan Bhathena. My mind immediately went to CHAKE DE INDIA! You did a damn good job opposite Sagarika Ghatge then, especially in the last scene where she tells you to get off. You created that negativity in your character that immediately transferred onto the audience the desire to hate your MCP behaviour!

Connecting those two characters were difficult, simply because you brought a new energy into this role (energy which was required), and a personality that suited this character the best.

Boss, that’s what acting and improvising is all about and you scored big time there. Giving a new dimension to your character, performance and presence: the character mattered, the actor followed!

The same thing happened around two years ago. This film was BULLETT RAJA. Saif Ali Khan was ambling across the screen when Vidyut Jamwal came along. Boom! Everything changed. The film became bearable.

Same thing happened in HERO. Even though your character entry and the reason for Ranvijay being in the plot was haphazard, you did a CTR+ALT+DEL on that aspect simply by your blazing presence and top class performance to ensure the viewers had their eyeballs on you.

I will end my missive to you by telling you what I told Vidyut. The struggle is tough, you already know that. There will be ample opportunities to compromise. My advice to you would be to bid your time. God has special plans in store for you. Don’t upset His plan by getting anxious, or insecure. What is yours will be yours, but for that you have to have belief in God and in your God-given talent.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

If He has brought you so far, I am sure He will take you places you will never imagine.

More than godfathers, you have to put your trust in your Father up above!

God Bless You.
Martin D’Souza
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