Anand L Rai: RAANJHANAA was never meant to be simple

Anand L Rai: RAANJHANAA was never meant to be simple news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 24 Jun 2013 14:32:13.2300000 IST

RAANJHANAA has turned out to be a success story at the box office. In the process it has also led to a debate, something which is quite uncharacteristic of a film which is pitched as a love story. As has turned out to be the case, the Dhanush-Sonam Kapoor starrer has romance at the core of it but with a strong political motive and intent as well, something that no one would really see coming.

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''This is something which has ended up surprising as well as shocking the audience,'' says an insider, ''With the narrative not really being as straight forward as what the promos had indicated, there are reactions all around. While most have liked the way the film culminates, there are some who have found the various twists in the tale a little too hot to handle.''

Not that the makers are minding that at all since Anand and his producer Krishika Lulla were always on the same page when the film was first designed on paper and then conceptualised before it was green lighted.


''And if the reactions are pouring in then it is good. That was the intent as well. 'What was the point in making just another love story,' questions Anand who started his Bollywood career as a director with a rather dark STRANGERS, RAANJHANAA was never meant to be simple and I am glad that audience got the point. Life is no fairy tale; things don't always go as per plans. There are bound to be obstacles.''

Well, he doesn't have to worry about that when it comes to his film though. After all, with audience at large giving it a nod of approval, the film can well expect a good run from this point on.