Ananth Mahadevan: ANAMIKA is as per current sensibilities!

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view ANAMIKA Music Launch - Picture Gallery

That Ananth Mahadevan's ANAMIKA is based on classic REBECCA has hardly been a hidden fact. However, the film maker insists that his Dino Morea-Minissha Lamba-Koena Mitra starrer is closer to the REBECCA - the book rather than the film. Also, the second half of the film has been completely rewritten, which means that the film would surprise even those who have seen the original film or read the book.

"First of all let me clear the misconception that ANAMIKA is based on Alfred Hitchcock's classic film REBECCA. With all due respect to the great film maker, my film is close to the book rather than the film", asserts Mahadevan, "Also, me and my writer have completely rewritten the second half of the book to suit ANAMIKA."

Why was that?

"Well, one has to keep the current sensibilities in mind instead of just adapting a book page by page", Ananth reasons here, "The book was and is a great read but one has to remember the era in which it was written. That was decades back while the lifestyle and setting is completely different if one looks at the 21st century. It was but natural for us to rethink on what to present on the screen, hence the change."

The film also stars Aarti Chhabaria, who plays the title role of ANAMIKA and would only be seen in flashes to create an intriguing feel to the narrative. "This is purely an editorial decision which has made us do away with Aarti's part completely from the final cut of ANAMIKA. In fact the character of 'Anamika' only gains due to this and becomes bigger. For something which comes out of imagination, it would not have made sense to show it in flesh and blood."

ANAMIKA is aiming for a 2nd May release. It would have competition from the likes of MR. WHITE MR. BLACK (Suneil Shetty, Arshad Warsi) and PRANALI (Nargis).