Angry Akshay Kumar blasts at Bangalore molesters

Angry Akshay Kumar blasts at Bangalore molesters news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 05 Jan 2017 13:17:37.9470000 IST
Akshay Kumar is angry. The on screen mascot of patriotism who just returned from a holiday with his family is outraged by the Bangalore molestation case. Expressing his anger on his social media handle, Akshay posted a video saying ‘my blood is boiling the Bangalore incident makes me feel we are evolving backwards, from humans to animals, rather beasts because even animals are better! Truly shameful."

Looking disturbed by the incident, Akshay shared his concern in the video and said

“Speaking directly from heart, I feel ashamed to call myself a human today. After spending a nice holiday with my family, I just came back to the country, wished everyone a very Happy New Year. I took my daughter in my arms and was leaving from the airport; I saw the Bangalore molestation case running on the news channels. I don't know how you all felt but my blood was boiling. I have a daughter, even if I didn't have a daughter, I would have said that people who can't respect women, cannot be called a human."

Urging the girls to learn self defence and be brave without bothering about what people say, Akshay continued, “You can defend yourself learning some tactics to deal with these sick people. There are easy techniques to handle these situations in martial arts. No one should touch you without your permission. Girls, don't be afraid. You are no less than others. Just remain alert."